Turn the Church from dryness into a powerhouse of Truth for the Church is the Individual – through powerful individuals – we manifests God’s Divine Purposes

Habakkuk World Outreach

Habakkuk is a Ministry that is founded on the premise of TRUE worship to the One true God, Elohim, ElShaddai, Yah, Yeshua Hamashiach, Elohay. True Worship is a life style. It is not a song service or 30 minutes of praise and worship at a Shabbat service. It is however, a life style that is lived out each day in the Glory and abundance of the Resurrection of Christ the Lord, in the power of HIS Love, and in the Power of HIS Ruach Hakodesh ( Holy Spirit) Habakkuk is to minister to Jews and Gentiles in song and the word. Songs of HIS greatness, Songs of HIS Holiness, HIS promises, HIS Word. Messages from the Word about HIS Ways, HIS commands, HIS feasts and HIs Kingdom. Everything that is not about the Lord is about self and the flesh.

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